Wash Your Dog is an authorized Furminator Facility.


The Furminator works by loosening the dogs undercoat and the special brush works to remove the undercoat. The result is weeks of less shedding!


We use a 4 step process to Furminate your dog:


1. Furminator shampoo
2. Furminator solution (to loosen the undercoat)

3. High power, temperature controlled blow drying

4. Brushing with the Furminator brush to remove undercoat


As with our full service bathing, there is NO APPOINTMENT neccessary for the furminator treatment. (Furminator treatment is a full service item and not available as a self serve item.)


See our pricing below.

Furminator Pricing


Small Dog
(Under 20lbs.)
Medium Dog
(20 to 50 lbs)
Large Dog
(50 to 100 lbs)
Really BIG Dog
(Over 100 lbs)






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